You Never Fail

What is success?

Normally, success is equated with money and reputation.

But, what if, a person is not interested in either?

Will that person forever be a failure?

Is success, then, not seeking approval from a society that has its own perception about what success ought to be.

Is success, then, not the erasure of one’s individuality for the sake of such approval.

We all desire something.

As Humans, it is impossible to be desireless.

In that case, shall we not elevate our desire beyond ourselves, towards the greater good and a better world?

Man egoistic and proud struts about unmindful of God until dejection and defeat make him realize his limitations.

He turns to God for instant solutions to his problems and when that doesn’t happen, he loses his faith.

Instead of surrendering to His will and praying for relief, he specifies solutions and action plans without realizing that God almighty and omniscient gives relief in His chosen way.

Failure has advantages.

Failure is good.

It restricts us to only the most significant, vital, and necessary experiences of life.

Failure gives us occasion to contemplate existence in general and ourselves in particular.

Failure makes us realize that when a prayer is not answered, then that itself is the answer.


2 Responses to “You Never Fail”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    Awesome 🙂

  2. Mihir Says:

    Very enlightening

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