The Importance of Emotional Independence

March 23, 2010

All of us are very keen on financial independence.

Do we ever think about the importance of Emotional Independence?

How often have we been shattered by an abandonment.

How often have we been shattered by a death.

We may not show it.

We may hide it very well.

But we still hurt.

Is it possible to be emotionally independent?

Is it desirable to be emotionally independent?


Us humans are emotional beings.

Us humans are governed by our emotions.

Our emotions motivate us.

Our emotions guide us.

Our emotions define us.

We are what our emotions are.

Are you willing to give away this important freedom.

To another person.

To other things.

Even to your lower self.


If you have the will to be happy.

If you have the intention to be happy.

Do not be emotionally dependent.

Do not depend on another person to tell you your worth.

Do not depend on things to inform you about your wealth.

Do not even depend on your own emotions to tell you what to do.

How often have you thought you were not worth it.

How often have you thought you were not good enough.


It is time to stop.

It is time to stop letting your emotions run havoc on you.

Emotions make us sad.

Emotions make us happy.

If we can see them for what they are.

We will be happy.

If we see them as things not happening inside us.

If we see them as things happening to us.

We will be happy.

This does not mean that you become cold hearted or callous.

Become detached.

But become detached with affection.

Detachment and affection.

Affectionately Detached.

Please don’t forget compassion.

Please do not forget to assist your fellow beings.

Please do not forget to help your fellow beings.

The more you think about yourself, the more miserable you will be.

The more you look outside yourself, the happier you will be.

And then.

One day.

You will find.

A happiness within you.

A happiness independent.


A happiness always.

A happiness without exception.

One day.

You will find.

A happiness beyond looks, beyond money, beyond success.

A happiness beyond failure, beyond life, and beyond even death.

And then

You will be happy